Welcome to the enchanting world of   Dichroic Glass Jewelry by Mirolena

Studio Product Photography by Kristen Russ

What is Dichroic Glass?

Dichroic simply means two colored. Dichroic glass, also called fusion glass, is glass treated with various metal oxides to make it appear to have many colors. We first saw crude versions of dichroic glass around the 4th century in the Roman empire where it was used to adorn some of the rare and magnificent early Italian art glass vases pictured here.


The dichroic glass later developed in the 1950s and 1960s by NASA and the Department of Defense is a technology wherein extremely thin films of metal are vacuum deposited onto a glass surface. The coated glass shields sensitive spacecraft instruments from the harmful effects of cosmic radiation and also protects human vision from the harsh glare of unfiltered sunlight in space.

Today, similar dichroic coatings are used for a broad range of applications including the production of stained glass, fused jewelry, tile, lamp worked beads, slumped bowls, blown paper weights and cast sculpture. Mirolena uses dichroic glass extensively to meticulously handcraft her beautiful line of fused, etched and engraved pendants, bracelets, earrings and adjustable rings.

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